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Thanks sooooo much

star star star star star by Allen2020, 8 years ago.

I'm so very appreciative that Estefania has FINALLY been brought back for an encore, and I hope it won't be another two years before she makes another return. To me, she is BY FAR the most beautiful woman on this site, and has the best body, and she smokes like a dream. Thanks to Estefania and to Fran and to everyone else involved in bringing her back again. I give it five stars, but only because it includes Estefania (for me, that's all that's needed): there is not as much variety as her prior appearance. THANKS!

Another real find

star star star star star by Allen2020, 8 years ago.

Diana is yet another in the very long line of extraordinary beauties that Fran has located and brought to us here. She has a very nice skillset, but one thing in particular at which she truly excels is open-mouth exhales. If you are a fan of that style, you should not pass this video by. That's not to say she overdoes the open-mouth work, not by any stretch of the imagination, so even if you really don't like that style, you won't be put off by the video. Quite the contrary. If you like beautiful young brunettes who REALLY know how to smoke, you're going to LOVE this video. And you're going to love Diana.

re: Dream Come True

by Allen2020, 9 years ago.

Totally agree with everything here. Everything. And in particular, I think the comment about the incredible femininity of these girls is absolutely right on the money. That idea is really important to this video, and James points it out perfectly.

Thank you

star star star star star by Allen2020, 9 years ago.

Gwen provides visual evidence of why they call these girls "models": she is what every other smoking arts actress should "model" herself after, because she is perfect, she keeps her body perfect, and her smoking is perfect. Thus, five stars. It is Gwen's form and Gwen's pose and Gwen's exhale which greets us all here on the home page on every visit we make, with the best smoking arts photograph ever taken, and with the best smoking arts image ever created in any form or medium, and I truly hope that the same photo will always be in that prominent position and will always serve as the "model" for all future work. If you've been clicking past or overlooking that picture, or haven't really examined it closely in awhile, you should take a moment, go back to the home page, and look at it carefully. That photo is the perfect icon for the smoking arts industry and for this corner of it. Why is it perfect as a representation? Because the lighting is perfect, the composition is perfect, the pose is perfect, the girl is perfect, the opening of her blouse is perfect, the silhouetted nipple is perfect, her holding of the cigarette is perfectly angled, the filter tip is perfectly brown, the body is perfect, the hair is perfect, the exhale is perfect. There is no single element of that photograph that could possibly be improved. I hope it will remain there forever. And I hope this, and all other videos that feature this perfect female creature, will remain here forever. All with a perfect five stars. Thank you, Fran. Thank you, Gwen. Thank you.


star star star star star by Allen2020, 9 years ago.

I won't take up space reiterating the observant comments already offered here (other than to agree specifically with JFan's observation that this is the best Q&A to date). My primary goal -- in addition to adding my five stars to the collection -- was to note the remarkable resemblance that Anabel bears to the magnificent Erika (from this site): they could EASILY pass for sisters. Is Anabel related to Erika?

That BODY!!!

star star star star star by Allen2020, 10 years ago.

I can't add anything to what the other five reviewers have said (well, four, since the first one is in Spanish and I can only guess at a word here and there), so I'll just say that I would give this video five stars for the magificent body alone, which just gets more extraordinary with every video Vanessa makes. I don't know what her workout regimen is, but whatever it is, it works like a charm. I've never seen a girl anywhere who was better built than this girl. Maybe her next episode should involve her smoking while doing her exercises. I love those anyway, but with this girl, WOW!!!!!

She's back!

star star star star star by Allen2020, 10 years ago.

Although we got to see her a little in the Five Chimneys film, having Erika back in a solo setting is a real joy. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Erika is the very epitome of powersmoking and is its greatest ambassador. And there's another thing I've said about her that's worth repeating: Erika is serious, SERIOUS marriage material, and I would marry her in a heartbeat. I love this girl and I love her work and I love this film. And so will you.


star star star star star by Allen2020, 10 years ago.

Tanya came fairly close to stealing the video in which she appeared with the ultra-beautiful Saray some weeks back, and had Saray been even slightly less beautiful than she is (and Saray really is STAGGERINGLY beautiful), she WOULD have stolen it. No such calculus required here: Tanya is the star, and it's not close. Her sexy sexy sexy piercings (lip and bellybutton), her snap inhales and her long exhales are exceptional, and memorable. Had Tanya appeared here alone, I'd've given it five stars, but Lucy is a slightly lesser light and so I could only find my way to four. It's still a great artistic effort and a worthy purchase, and four stars is certainly no slouch. Thanks to everyone involved here.

One point to make

star star star star star by Allen2020, 10 years ago.

I can't add to the glowing reviews that appear above, so let me just say that I hope the photo that appears as Number 12 above is NEVER removed or replaced as the introductory photograph on this website: it is a perfect reproduction of a perfect moment with the perfect model to represent this space and this industry, and it's a perfect way to enter this . . . shrine. I've been a fan of the smoking arts for over fifteen years, and I've never seen ANYthing better ANYwhere.

Five stars

star star star star star by Allen2020, 10 years ago.

I really, totally, genuinely LOVE the style and coloring of this girl's hair, and her elegance in movement and clothing. But the power of her drags are beyond all that, and she is a magnificent smoking machine, frequently taking in no clean air AT ALL. I have to say, "Wow"! WOW!!!!


star star star star star by Allen2020, 10 years ago.

Fran uses precisely the right word in titling and describing this video. Rosy is absolutely and unquesionably evolving, and in two or three years, she'll clearly be the face and the heart and the soul -- AND THE LUNGS -- of the smoking arts industry in general, and of powersmoking in particular. If you look at how far she's come since her first appearance in this wonderful space, and how deep she drags now, and how full her lungs get now, and how thick her cones are now, and how close to the filter she smokes now, it's easy to see that her habit is evolving, her skills are evolving, her beauty (enhanced by her increased smoking) is evolving, and we are watching something truly extraordinary here.

"Cheek-hollowing" doesn't begin to describe . . .

star star star star star by Allen2020, 11 years ago.

. . . how deep and hard and powerfully this girl hits her cigarettes. She puts her whole body -- and soul -- into each drag, and it is a pure joy to behold. Thanks to Fran for sharing with us such unique skill wrapped in such rare beauty. And thanks to Valeria, as well, for sharing herself.

Valeria is a joy

by Allen2020, 11 years ago.

Both this video and its sequel are really wonderful, and Valeria is a real star. I thoroughly love the thought of her as both ballerina and model -- jobs requiring maintenance of high levels of physicality and appearance -- while being such an unbelivably heavy smoker: it makes that three-pack-habit all the more delicious. But the best thing about the vid, and also the darkest (which I admit I love), is her smoking while pregnant. That must have been quite a sight: it's certainly an overwhelmingly sensual image in my mind.

. . . and one other thought . . .

star star star star star by Allen2020, 11 years ago.

A Concurring Opinion:

I wholeheartedly agree with with what MAGELLAN said here about this girl, and how her ex-husband's discovery of her added beauty might break him in pieces. I also agree with what he said about wanting to be married to her: she is definitely SERIOUS marriage material, and I would marry her in a heartbeat. I'd do it tomorrow. No, make that TODAY! God, this girl is just perfect.