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star star star star star by Allen2020, 10 years ago.

This is a fabulous, FABULOUS video, and is more than worth the price. I agree with the other favorable comments and commentators, and only add two further thoughts:

1) I've been watching and buying smoking-model vids for years, and I've never seen a girl who could -- so quickly and so completely -- fill a room with smoke. It seems that from the first hit, she's captured the room (and, naturally, the viewer) with her smoke, and she just keeps pumping it fuller and fuller and fuller and fuller. WOW! Yes, she's very much a power smoker, but a girl can be a power smoker without necessarily being an aggressive power smoker. Erika, however, is the most aggressive power smoker I've seen. A commentator on one of her other videos made a brilliant observation about the correlation of her divorce and not only her smoking, but her smoking style: he said that the divorce turned her angry and "Erika smokes ANGRY". I think that says it just right. It's a thing of beauty to watch. And her mouth would be a thing of beauty to kiss.

2) Only Fran could bring off so elegantly and enticingly the scene in which Erika is laying and smoking on the sofa. Blouse open, tits out, nips up. And resting that WONDERFUL ashtray on that lovely chest. The scene is a joy, in and of itself; however, juxtaposed with the comment her parents make about her mouth "smelling like an ashtray", the interested and inspired viewer (being all of us) is all the more attracted and aroused. The coincidence and the contrast is unexpected and original and perfect, as is all good art, and that is certainly what we see here everytime we visit. This particular scene is just . . . well . . . OMMFG!

Thanks to Fran for understanding what we want and need and love, even before we want and need and love it.