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star star star star star by Abraxas, 8 years ago.

When this girl appeared in Five Chimneys, I begged (ingloriously) for more Estefania, and our dear brother Fran obliged. Okay, he didn't just oblige me: he obliged ALL OF US. And he gave us more than we could have reasonably, rationally hoped for. This young woman is exceptional in every imaginable way. A magnificent body, wonderful taste in lingerie, spectacular hair, super-sensual movement and demeanor, and an amazing awareness of the power her smoke has on us out here watching (and dreaming). You really MUST do two things: (1) buy this video; and (2) keep any eye on this girl, because she's soon to take over the Internet, if not the planet. Thank you, Fran, for finding this woman and for sharing her with us. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!