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star star star star star by AL, 4 months ago.

Excellent video. Raquel is a divine smoker who smokes non-stop, we can see the pleasure she gets from each puff on her cigarette. She is more and more mature, but more and more sexy and more addicted. Please, more videos with this beautiful smoker.

Lost smoker

star star star star star by AL, 7 months ago.

Where is Alazne? Alazne is a girl very addicted to tobacco. Great style as a smoker, she needs to feed her lungs with smoke. Excellent nose exhales. More videos with this great smoker and now I must be more addicted.

Amazing sisters

star star star star star by AL, One year ago.

Because smokingsweeties never made a video with these wonderful sisters again.
They both look gorgeous when they smoke non-stop. Another video with both of them would be excellent. Please, both doing power smoking all the time, some full body scenes and wearing high heels.

The lost Rosy

star star star star star by AL, One year ago.

What happened to Rosy.
She is a wonderful smoker. They must make many more videos with this beauty. Please many nose exhales.

smoking machine

star star star star star by AL, 2 years ago.

Esta fumadora es irresistible, que cuerpo maravilloso. Tiene un culo espectacular y unas tetas fuera de serie. Es una maquina de fumar, se nota que el tabaco le moldado el cuerpo perfecto que tiene. Los dias en que fuma tres paquetes deben ser alucinantes. Seria bueno un video con ropas sexys como este en tacones.

Beauty heavy smoker

star star star star star by AL, 2 years ago.

Excellent video. Rosy is a beautiful heavy smoker. Every day is more provocative and sensual. Rosy shows the great pleasure he feels for each breath of his cigarette. The more mature the better. Deveriam make a video with Rosy in sexy clothes or bikini and high heels smoking nonstop and pouring all the smoke down her nose, which smokes about 10 cigarettes in half an hour.
Another interesting video would be to gather Rosy, Raquel, Gwen, Silvia, Vanessa, Alexia, Encarni and Mery, talking about how many cigarettes they smoke per day, which better cigarette of the day, how long they can be without smoking, etc. Of course dressed in a sexy way and all in high heels.

Smoker lost

star star star star star by AL, 2 years ago.

What has happened to this wonderful smoker?
She is an excellent tab of smokingsweeties, should be invited for new videos.

The best smoker

by AL, 2 years ago.

This woman is wonderful, she is beautiful with a perfect body, her tits and ass are out of series. The legs are magnificent enhanced with very elegant high heels. As a smoker she is a girl from another world, her huge nose exhales are out of series. Please, more videos with Alexia.

Raquel heavy smoker

by AL, 2 years ago.

Raquel is a beautiful woman and very vicious in nicotine, she smokes without stopping and with great style, her combined excerpts from her nose and mouth are wonderful. More videos with this woman in full body, dressed in short dress, provocative decotes, in high heels and smoking non-stop.


by AL, 2 years ago.

Alexia is a wonderful woman, who smokes a lot sensual and sexy. You can see the great pleasure he has every time he smokes his cigarettes. His fleshy lips exailling smoke is a perfect combination. Alexia has a magnificent body and completely dominated by nicotine. More videos with Alexia.

Another video

star star star star star by AL, 2 years ago.

Smokingsweeties should meet these same girls and make a new video, playing pool in short dresses and high heels smoking one cigarette after another without stopping.

Hot smoker

star star star star star by AL, 2 years ago.

Mel is a beautiful smoker. She has a very hot and perfect body. Her tits are wonderful. She has a very pretty face and the cigarillo turns her into a provocative girl and it shows the great pleasure she has in each puff of smoke she inhales. At this rate, in short, she will become a great smoker of about 2 to 3 packages a day. Great work of smokingsweeties, should tell this girl for other videos.

Amazing smoker

by AL, 2 years ago.

Vanessa each is more vicious and more beautiful. Her body is divine, her tits are wonderful every time she gives the cigarette, her tits are erect and provocative.
Every time this girl smokes you can see the great pleasure she feels especially when she exhales the smoke through her nose.
Spectacular video Please more videos with vanessa smoking.
I would like to see Vanessa in a short dress with a large decote in high heels smoking one cigarette after another.