Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'
Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'


Model: Lys

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Duration: 22 min.

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Lys: 'Fleur du Mal'

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This is Lys: part-Egyptian, part-Hindu, part-French. A Sorceress, full of demons and mystique, lost hopelessly to pleasure. This heavy-smoking Scheherazade has the power to keep you awake for night after night after night.

In the first scene, she presents herself with a natural malevolent, seductive poetry. A Fleur du Mal speaking sphinxily, witchily about the connection she consciously creates between her feminity and her cigarettes; about the jealousy men in her life have felt at her overpowering dependence on nicotine.

In the second scene, she performs her work candidly in front of the camera, sculpting, squeezing on the cigarette held between her clay-covered fingers. Her piece depicts a pair of exposed breasts; she covers her own with a translucent white top. The smoking complements her artistic process, coming out of her like the exhaust gas of burnt passion, thrumming off the sculpture itself like an aura of her presence.

In the final scene, you will sit with her at an outdoor table. Her busy phone throws light on her face; her shirt is halfway unbuttoned. As she smokes, she reflects - partly talking to you, mostly to herself. Two enormous black eyes look at you through a tousled bob - big enough to lose yourself and to be devoured in. She smiles a knowing smile, and the slims crumble like pillars of time between her fingers.

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Video Size: HD: 683 MB / Low: 194 MB.
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13 Reviews 

Skinny all whites: Not sexy.

5 months ago, by Eleuthero
"Her look has a little in common with Raquel but not as compelling and Raquel smokes REAL cigarettes. I don't know when these skinny all white cigarettes came into being but I don't think they look good in a model's mouth or in her hands. They just look oddly unnatural. Unless you're old like me you may not know that regular Marlboro Reds were a woman's cigarette for 30 years. The only reason they got associated with cowboys is because Philip Morris knew that men smoked more and they just wanted more revenue by aiming at men. Just because Madison Avenue markets long all whites to women doesn't mean they actually LOOK feminine or sexy. When Marlboro Reds were strictly a woman's cigarette, only MEN smoked long cigarettes like unfiltered Pall Malls and Chesterfields. Women all smoked short cigarettes. It just goes to show you how the advertising industry, especially post WWII, creates false "stereotypes" that don't represent reality at all.

The preview just makes this video way too "art house" for me. Frankly, even the video description just seems like it's trying way, way too hard to create a mystique. I love poetry and I love sculpting but I don't want smoking in an art video and I could care less about art in a smoking video. It's like Iveta's crazy poetry but on a grander scale. I didn't rate this video out of fairness because I didn't buy it."
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re: Skinny all whites: Not sexy.

5 months ago, by Frolof
"I totally agree, she's a stunning woman. An absolute MUST for anyone loving smoking fetish women. HOWEVER, it's absolutely criminal that she's not smoking Marlboro cigs. This brand looks bad."
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Seasoned smoker

star star star star star
5 months ago, by Heavy Smoking
"Beautiful mature heavy smoking lady. Awesome light up and nose exhales. I would love to see her together with Raquel and both smoking Marlboro reds. That would be a gorgeous chimneys together."
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re: Seasoned smoker

5 months ago, by Anonymous
"And Vanessa... A smoking competition with lots of coughing would be awesome"
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re: re: Seasoned smoker

5 months ago, by Sparkignite22
"Is there coughing in this video?"
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All white cigarettes are not sexy

4 months ago, by Anonymous
"I wouldn't even bother buying this video because of the skinny all white cigarettes. Like the man said above about Marlboro reds. For me watching a lady smoke a cork tip cigarette is naturally sexy. Would love to see this lady smoke in another video"
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3 months ago, by Chris
"Rosy, Sheila or Ariadna please !"
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what a shame !!

4 months ago, by Anonymous
"I'm sorry to say but this is terrible. Not to hurt the girls feelings but she holds her cigarette like a truck driver and the oil on her face is not appealing. I have no idea how you would think this video is appealing UNLESS you're trying to put yourself out of business."
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Wrong Cigarette

4 months ago, by David Howe
"I agree with everyone else WRONG CIGARETTE! I hate those little TWIGARETTES!! Smoke a Marlboro a real Cigarette! Heck if she insists on smoking an all white then give her a VS120. So when you make another Video with her make sure she switches to a real Cigarette."
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3 months ago, by Ul
"For the first time in years I’m not buying this one. I’m sorry, but skinny cigarettes? No more heavy smoking, no more multiple pumps, no more multiple cigarettes and, last but not least, no more nudity since long ago."
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Would be next BIG HIT on site.

star star star star star
5 months ago, by Frolof
"I know a stunning woman and a smoking fetish profile when I see one. This woman is a hidden GEM. But, for some odd reason, the brand just does not get to me. It feels uncharacteristic and inelegant. It leaves a lot to be desires. This is one of those clips I will buy as soon as I am able to. I want there to be interest in this model. She has unparalleled potential!

Just, please Site Moderator, give her some Marlboro's. That brand is a big turn off for not only me, but many.

Absolutely fantastic!"
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Elegant Smoking

star star star star star
5 months ago, by Martin Weigold
"This woman is attractive and elegant. She has obviously been smoking for many years and really enjoys it. The video is very good and I loved her nose exhales as she was lighting up, as well as the mixed exhales she did in other scenes. I also liked the fact she was smoking all whites except that it would have been better if they were full size (or even better VS120s) than those skinny Ome cigarettes.

I also liked the French accent that I find sexier than the Spanish accents you tend to get on this site.

Overall a very good video. I"
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