Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli
Alazne: tiri multipli


Modella: Alazne

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Durata: 21 min.

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Alazne: tiri multipli

Per poter credere all’intensità con cuiAlazne fuma, bisogna vederla! Sono rari i tiri singoli in questo video, al contrario dei tantissimi tiri doppi, tripli o quadrupli che da alle sue sigarette forti. Da una nuova boccata praticamente subito dopo la precedente, con il fumo di questa ancora intrappolato nel suo corpo, nei suoi polmoni, nella sua gola, nella sua bocca, E’ impossibile vederla respirare aria in questo video. Alazne ha lo stile più intenso che si sia mai visto tra le nostre modelle, fumando ogni sigaretta come se fosse l’ultima.

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Questo video è incluso nel Smoking Girls Vol.17

19 opinioni 

The almighty Alazne

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5 anni fa, per Sfet76

Alazne blows my mind in her first video powering her Lucky Strikes,now in the second video she did the same torturing her Camels...Her style is unbelieveble heavy,exact the way it should be in my opinion,there is only one conclusion to this video:
It's a masterpiece! it's gonna be a smoking sweeties classic, and when you are a smoking sweeties fan you should have this one in your collection, if you are not a fan, it's a must have!
Alazne is a true smokin sweetie,her style is mindblowing,the settings are great,the backgroundlightning is great,thnak you SSW,you did a hell of a great job again!

I hope Alazne is coming back in the future,maybe you can let her smoke some Gauloises blondes or Davidoff classic...that would be awesome
From the bottom of my smoking heart: thank you SSW!!!"

Smoke Soaked

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5 anni fa, per Deep Inhale
"In almost 15 years of watching smoking fetish videos I don't know if I've ever seen a woman put that much smoke in her lungs with of a single cigarette. Alazne certainly knows how to infuse herself with nicotine. I don't think she double/triple pumps in the normal sense where each pump is a drag/inhale by itself. Instead the first couple of pumps pre-load her nose and throat with smoke, she takes a final drag, and then inhales the whole thing as deep is she can. Residual inhale fans will lose their mind. There is so much smoke inside of her that it never stops flowing out. If you like watching a woman move smoke in and out of her lungs then this is the video for you."

Powersmoking at its best

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5 anni fa, per Irene
"This was worth the wait. Alazne is the best powersmoker on the site and she surpasses herself on this one. The multiple pumps are amazing and her lung capacity is huge. You can see how she indulges her addiction with every drag and multiple drag. Lighing is good so every wisp of smoke from her black lungs is so clear. Her hunger for the smoke almost overcomes her as she wooshes it back into her awaiting lungs. She is an atraactive girl which makes the vid even more enjoyable. This is by far the best vid for a while and fans of multiples, deep drags, power exhales and nostril exhales MUST buy this video. SSW has gone the extra mile with this one. Alazne has to be a regular now on this site. We MUST have her back with more demonstrations of her strong addiction and powersmoking. This girl is a natural. This ia a MUST BUY. Well done SSW - fantastic on all levels"

Spot on

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5 anni fa, per Hemicharger
"Now this is a real woman, this really is a tour de farce for you SSW I like how natural she is an everyday girl (albeit a knockout) fulfilling her addiction with strong cigarettes , I Love to see her nails and teeth you can see them starting to yellow and for me
the yellower the better.and of course the blacker the lungs the better and judging by the way she smokes and that little smokers cough a little damage has begun already.
She is a true addict just needing the nicotine in her brain & coursing through her veins.
her cigs provide this but at a price...... I think this young lady will mature exquisetly."

As good as it gets

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5 anni fa, per Annonimoose
"Alazne smokes awesome in this video! My favorite scenes are the ones where she wears the red "Boston 77" shirt. Her beauty is natural yet stunning at the same time, a look that very few women can pull off. I think that SSW has found us perfection in this women, both terms of beauty and smoking. I highly recommend this video. I hope that Alazne decides to visit us again in the future."

best smoker ever

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5 anni fa, per Inlove
"i am in love with alazne. i could watch her smoke for hours upon end. she is beautiful and so stunningly sexy when she smokes it drives me crazy. i really hope to see her back soon chain smoking even more."


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5 anni fa, per Oilibhear333
"Thank you, SSW, for giving us ALAZNE. All I can say is: WOW!!! She was great in her first vid and she's even greater in her second! Hope she knows what she's doing to us..."


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5 anni fa, per Stu Mitchell
"Wow. Great smoker, not a natural for the camera though. If she could be more natural it would be nice, but she is a gorgeous lady. I'd also like to see more of her body, if she's comfortable with it. But a really outstainding smoker and totally beautiful!"


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5 anni fa, per Ben
"Alazne is a very beautiful heavy smoker, the kind we all like! I love the way she takes multiple drags and her never ending exhale (and nose exhale)... Hope we can see her with multiples some day!"


star star star star star
5 anni fa, per Sam
"this is an amazing video...maybe the best ever"

This girl could NEVER disappoint.

5 anni fa, per Eleuthero
I thought I'd seen the ultimate in exhale volume with the Jen videos but this is
just surrealistic. I've dated some pretty skilled smokers with amazing exhale
volume but Alazne is on a plateau all by herself. Often, her THIRD exhales
are more than many girls FIRST exhales. If she didn't smoke she could be
an Olympic-class runner because her lung capacity is astonishing.

Vanessa ... move over ... you've been dethroned."

not bad

5 anni fa, per Anonymous
"alazne video, this is a good video, bought at same time as raquel and both are great smokers. this video is very watchable"

Natural Smoking Wins Again!

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5 anni fa, per Eleuthero
I have always said that if a smoker is skilled, there are no tricks needed. That's why
I like the Raquel, Jen, Jessi, Valeria, and Alazne videos the most. No need for dangle
poses. No need for smoke rings. No need for "gymnastics". The TRUE pros on SS
are the women I've named because just by smoking like they do every day, they are
like superwomen.

Alazne's video two years ago was sensational. This video, even more natural than
the first where Alazne fussed a little with lipstick, surpasses the quite terrific first one.
I totally agree with Annonimoose above that the red "Boston 77" shirt transforms her
look. Fire-engine red is Alazne's best color for garments ... by far. She looked a bit
pale and tired in that light gray garment at the beginning but maybe it was shot on a
different day than the rest of the video ... I have no idea. She's an absolutely lovely
woman, tired or well-rested.

Yes, one can tell that the "girl smoker" of the first video is now a "woman smoker" in
this video. A couple of wet coughs confirmed that. Frankly, I'm amazed that she
hasn't had the wet coughs all along. The volume of her smoke intake is so surreal
(equalled if, by anybody, maybe Valeria) that if one observes closely, on many hits
off her cigarette, she'll do two FULL nostril exhales and three FULL mouth exhales.

What completes things for me is that Alazne appears to be a very MODEST, SHY
woman with a charming, authentic, blushing smile. There's something about
the combination of a bit of innocence with fierce, "bad girl" smoking that is so
incredibly sexy.

I understand she no longer lives in Barcelona so kudos to SSW for going to the
effort to re-book her for another shooting but, most of all, to Alazne and Fran
for cooperating to make an elegant, powerful, entertaining, and has-to-be-seen-
to-be-believed piece of true art. Thanks, SSW! Thanks, Alazne!"

my goddess

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5 anni fa, per Anonymous
"Was revisiting this video today and wanted to clear up something. Alazne is direct inhaling, not filling her throat and nose with "pre smoke" (as stated by deep inhale) this can be seen clearly at 11min:30sec into the video, watch as her chest heaves slightly with each inhale. She is pulling in a massive amount of smoke, more then any other model I have ever seen handle. Then to top it off she often on her final drag breaths all the smoke in as deep as she can.

The sound in this video is fantastic. I found it particularly erotic to be able to hear the wheezing sounds her lungs sometimes make when she inhales.

I know she hesitated to do this video but not filming her again would be a crime to the smoking fetish world. Please SSW bring us more Alazne.

Don't miss this one guys, I have had this fetish for over 18 years and never seen a girl smoke this well."

Better than incredible...

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5 anni fa, per L Dydx
"There's one point when she is pulling back her hair to demonstrate how to smoke without touching the cigarette, that she pumps 4 times into her lungs, each time letting some out her nose, but building the quantity in her lungs with each draw. No puffing here. Just lung filling sucks. I thought I would die. Especially since she is doing it on the 2nd cigarette. SSW, you are very talented. And wicked."


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3 anni fa, per Sfk
"great debut, hope to see her again after the most recent"


star star star star star
3 anni fa, per Andy Dennis
"She smokes cigarettes like it's candy. I am in love with the fact too. she absolutely smokes so very perfect!!! another goddess!!!! this site never fails!!!i absolutely LOVE how small the cigarette is in the 4th picture. Sexy nose stud and cheek hollowing drags shes sucking so hard ;) oh god this is why im in love with this. i LOVE IT!!! 1000 / 10"

sexy smoker

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2 anni fa, per Anonymous
"love the way she exhales the smoke from her nostrils id love to neck her from behind and caress her from behind as the smoke escapes her nostrils"