Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair
Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair


Modèle: Erika

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Durée: 25 min.

HD: 721 MB / low: 194 MB

Erika: fumer 12 reds en un éclair

Erika (31) a commencé à fumer il ya 2 ans, après un divorce difficile. Sa manière de traiter sa dépression est de fumer 50 Red par jour, ou bien comme elle le dit elle-même: «Je fume 2 cartouches par semaine». Elle a abouti à un style puissant, presque affamé, fumant chaque cigarette en un éclair, prenant des bouffées double et triple et en gardant la fumée dans ses poumons pendant plus de 10 secondes. «La fumée emplit mon vide intérieur» dit-elle: pas de doute! C'est confirmé en regardant ses seins, qui s’élèvent et descendent constamment tout au long de cette vidéo!

Cette vidéo contient 6 scènes de tabagisme en puissance, ou Erika « powersmokes » : c’est à dire qu’elle souffle la fumée par le nez tout en tirant sur la cigarette. Erika apparaît également seins nus dans deux des scènes. Elle fume ici un total de 12 red 100s, et double également son plaisir avec une Max 120s en fumant les deux à la fois.

Vidéo incluse dans: Smoking Girls Vol.15
Taille de la Vidéo: HD: 721 MB / low: 194 MB.
Code de ce Clip Vidéo: ssw15-erika
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Il ya 5 ans, par Allen2020
"This is a fabulous, FABULOUS video, and is more than worth the price. I agree with the other favorable comments and commentators, and only add two further thoughts:

1) I've been watching and buying smoking-model vids for years, and I've never seen a girl who could -- so quickly and so completely -- fill a room with smoke. It seems that from the first hit, she's captured the room (and, naturally, the viewer) with her smoke, and she just keeps pumping it fuller and fuller and fuller and fuller. WOW! Yes, she's very much a power smoker, but a girl can be a power smoker without necessarily being an aggressive power smoker. Erika, however, is the most aggressive power smoker I've seen. A commentator on one of her other videos made a brilliant observation about the correlation of her divorce and not only her smoking, but her smoking style: he said that the divorce turned her angry and "Erika smokes ANGRY". I think that says it just right. It's a thing of beauty to watch. And her mouth would be a thing of beauty to kiss.

2) Only SSW could bring off so elegantly and enticingly the scene in which Erika is laying and smoking on the sofa. Blouse open, tits out, nips up. And resting that WONDERFUL ashtray on that lovely chest. The scene is a joy, in and of itself; however, juxtaposed with the comment her parents make about her mouth "smelling like an ashtray", the interested and inspired viewer (being all of us) is all the more attracted and aroused. The coincidence and the contrast is unexpected and original and perfect, as is all good art, and that is certainly what we see here everytime we visit. This particular scene is just . . . well . . . OMMFG!

Thanks to SSW for understanding what we want and need and love, even before we want and need and love it."
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Best I've ever seen

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Il ya 6 ans, par Njs
"I've only watched about 1 minute of this video (skipping around to different parts to check it out).

Ok, this is the *best* Smoking Fetish video ever made (and, I've watched a lot -- and have most of SSW's collection -- I've been a loyal customer for years.) Really. Absolutely amazing. I'm not even going to attempt to describe it, because I would fail.

This is the best that I've ever seen; a special work.

Amazing. Great job, SSW."


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Il ya 6 ans, par Olibhear333
"Thanks SSW. You have amazed us once again with this gorgeous babe. She's brilliant. If everything is as it is described in the video, I am REALLY impressed with her addiction. Substituting an ex-husband with cigarettes, hats off to you, Erika! Echt klasse!!
I loved every scene, especially the second with the ashtray between her really wonderful boobs! You don't see that too often..."
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Il ya 6 ans, par Sfet76
"WOW!!!! Another great job SSW!!! it'is getting better and better and better,Smoking sweeties is the place to be!

Erika: Please come back!! you are a heavy smoker with an amazing style of inhale,my eyes couldn't believe what they saw,and you exhales..what a volume!! Mouth,nose,combi exhales,you got everything!!!Great job!! you also like heavy cigarettes? Suggestion; Maybe you consider a come back and than with unfiltered cigarettes ? You are a very pretty woman with an amazing style and sexy body,please give us more to enjoy!

Erika & SSW, thank you very much,smoking fetish as it's used to be!


Its everything I imagined

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Il ya 6 ans, par Smoke2max
"SSW, you know every detail how to capture deep, heavy smoking, addiction, strong smoke, quadruple drags, multiple strong cigs and finally MAX 120s - never thought I would see it. How rare and exciting to see Erika handle the power of the feminine, but oh so strong Max 120s. Erika was born to breathe smoke and not air. Her lungs can handle so much - I love her chest rising with thick creamy smoke....held, not exhaled until she begs for oxygen."


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Il ya 6 ans, par Irene
"This is by far the best smoking fetish video yet. Erika can super pump cigarettes with multiple drags and massive lungfulls of smoke. There is everything here from dangles, to nose exhales to double and triple pumps. She is amazine and you have to do more with her. She is the best yet - better than Vanessa who is also tops. This is the best one yet - more like this please................"

Making up for lost time

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Il ya 6 ans, par Ldydx
"If you start smoking at 13, by 31 you are not happy about your habit. But Erika started at 29, and she is making up for lost time. 400 cigarettes a week. Wow. She is enjoying it immensely. Those cigarettes go down really well. 2 and 3 drags before completing her inhale. We would all love to smoke the volume of smoke that she permits herself. She doesnt get any of the negatives yet. And since she's fully grown, her decision to totally smoke is so much more attractive in an intelligent smoker who understands what she has signed in for. I hope she continues to enjoy her smokefest for many years to come. And please. SSW. Ask her to do it again."

One of the Best!

star star star star star
Il ya 6 ans, par IanB
"I've purchased about 10 videos from this site over the last couple of years and this rates as one of my top 3 favorites. Well worth purchasing with great lighting and sounds. At times you can distinctly hear the tobacco burning as Erika takes huge multiple drags ... lovely!!!"


star star star star star
Il ya 6 ans, par Hsf
"Erika is so cute and hot. Especially in the hoola hoop scenes. She's got a really great smoking style, nice boobs and a round ass. Wow! I especially like the dangling/powersmoking/nose exhaling style she shows in the hoola hoop scenes.

We definitely need more of her, SSW!

Thank you so much for this diamond of SF"

my kind of girl

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Il ya 6 ans, par BrasilPow
"she is definately my kind of girl
i just looove extreme smoking, 2... 3... 4... drags, oh man... PERFECT
this is the best video for me"

Erika for us all

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Il ya 6 ans, par Alain
"This video is the best one SSW has made and yet he has filmed many extraordinary models but here Erika is truly amazing, awesome!!cannot find the exact words to describe her. she is so hungry for smoke as if her life depended on her cigarettes.It is her life force She is sad , very beautiful and she she has the most perfect breasts. That makes her all the more attractive. A perfect work....I keep watching her and cannot get enough of her.A++++
Please SSW can you have her back? Please Please......."

The Best

star star star star star
Il ya 6 ans, par The.Phoenix
"Thia is simply put the best Smoking Sweeties video. SSW, I know you said once off, but please if you can track her down more of her because this is the kind of smoker we are looking for. Not the most beautiful woman in the world (although not unattractive either) her photo on the promo does not do justice to what you get. I was undecided whether to download this or something else but now I am glad I did!"


star star star star star
Il ya 6 ans, par Saltheart
"This girl is awesome!! She drags, cheeks hollowing, as deep as she can, stops, pulls the smoke into her lungs without removing the cigarette from her lips, then repeats the process, never exhaling, stops, then does it a third time before exhaling!! I'd love to see her, or anyone, for that matter, dying for a cigarette, then getting one and smoking like she's starving for nicotine, absolutely desperate!!"

Too egocentric

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Il ya 5 ans, par Eleuthero
"Call me old-fashioned but I like the vids where the "girl next door" keeps her clothes ON and lets the smoking stimulate our imagination to surmise what is underneath. No doubt that Erika is an Olympic caliber smoker but the combo of the tiara on her head and the bare tits is just too overt for me. Maybe I'm the "prude" of this site ... which has many terrific "girls next door"."


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Il ya 5 ans, par Eleuthero
"Erika, du bist ein himmlischer Engel aber du rauchst wie ein Daemon. Ich liebe das du bist voller diesen Wiederspruchlichkeiten. Es ist sehr provozierend. Komm zu uns fruh und oft zuruck!!

Now for the English portion of our show. :-) I got the most recent Erika video before this one. My previous mediocre review of THIS was based on the stills because I'm just not into gimmicks like hula hoops. However, this video has humor, pathos, beauty, and just amazingly deep smoking for a rookie smoker. Her multi-pumps are very much like Alazne's and just as deep.

So ... I change my mind about my original rating. That said, I actually think smoking has made Erika MORE beautiful with
time rather than LESS. This seems physiologically impossible but she's beautiful here and positively steamy-sexy in the recent one which occurred 17 months later.

Clearly, as far as the "sexy" angle goes, most of this site regards Vanessa, Rosy, and Franchezca as the "sexpots" of SS but that could be a function of average viewer age. As far as I am concerned, Erika, Raquel, and Alazne are far more my style."

. . . and one other thought . . .

star star star star star
Il ya 4 ans, par Allen2020
"A Concurring Opinion:

I wholeheartedly agree with with what MAGELLAN said here about this girl, and how her ex-husband's discovery of her added beauty might break him in pieces. I also agree with what he said about wanting to be married to her: she is definitely SERIOUS marriage material, and I would marry her in a heartbeat. I'd do it tomorrow. No, make that TODAY! God, this girl is just perfect."

Dream Girl

Il ya 4 ans, par Anonymous
"For the life of me I just cannot understand how any man could divorce this wonderful woman. It was not due to her smoking habit since she has not even started until after the divorce to fulfill her emptiness. I would do all I can for her including buying all the cigarettes she wants regardless of the expense. With my having a very strong smoking fetish over women smokers this is a plus for me. She is 31 years of age in this clip and has only smoked for 2 years and now helplessly addicted. Her lungs are still strong and healthy by seeing the strong exhales. SSW, I beg you to continue filming Erika, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!"

superbly sexy

star star star star star
Il ya 4 ans, par Jezz
"somewhat belated review by me but just wanted to say Erika is an awesome smoker who always shows her boobs off for her loyal fans. towards the end where she hoola hoops topless is superbly sexy! excellent!!"


star star star star star
Il ya un an, par DdL
"Nobody's perfect, but Erika's closest.

Would die to see her smoke More 120s."

I wonder

Il ya 5 ans, par Magellan
"After viewing this wonderful video, and fantasizing about this incredibly beautiful girl, multiple times over several months, I seem to ALWAYS find myself returning to a single thought about it, considered from a different angle. I think of it from the position of Erika's ex-husband, having married and then survived an intensely bitter divorce from a non-smoker, happening upon this video, being shocked and overwhelmed by the discovery of her smoking, of how powerful it is, of the spectacular smoking skills she possesses, of the unbelievable number of cigarettes she smokes (1,500 in a month!!!), and of the deliciousness of that amazing mouth when she smokes, and then calling her to BEG her to marry him again. His sense of loss would be unbearable, it seems to me, because I know I want to marry her myself."
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