Alexia resembles a glamorous film star of the 1920s who smokes with tangible pleasure and exudes elegance.

Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar
Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar


Modelo: Alexia

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Duración: 25 min.

HD: 726 MB / low: 180 MB

Alexia: Auténtico Glamour al Fumar

Mientras se fuma 8 cigarros en 25 minutos, 3 seguidos durante la entrevista, esta preciosidad fumadora de paquete y medio al día infectará no solo a los amantes del 'smoking-glamour' sino a aquellos que se deleitan viendo la satisfacción que siente una preciosa mujer cuando no puede parar de llenar sus pulmones de humo.

Alexia, con 24 años tiene un estilo de fumar exquisito y natural: sus labios rodean enteramente el filtro manchado y lo chupa profundamente, seguidamente abre la boca mostrando la ingente cantidad de humo que está a punto de meterse en todo su cuerpo. Este es su estilo en la vida real, y cuesta encontrar chicas que fumen tan bien, una muestra perfecta de sensuales caladas fuertes y profundas, caladas seguidas dobles y triples sin sacarlo ni siquiera por la nariz, caladas inchando los pechos, aguantando el humo en los pulmones prolongadamente, y combinaciones de sacar el humo por la boca y nariz. Alexia hace todo esto con meticulosa perfección y amor genuino por su hábito de fumar, combinando glamour, belleza y el placer que le proporciona la nicotina.

Alexia desprende clase y sex appeal, sus ojos azules, labios carnosos y sus redondeados pechos bañados por dentro en humo son peligrosamente seductores.

Este vídeo se puede descargar tanto en alta definición HD-1080p como en resolución HD-720p. Códec del vídeo: MP4 (h264).
Tamaño: HD: 726 MB / low: 180 MB.
Código del Vídeo Clip: ssw18-alexia
Este Vídeo está incluido en: Chicas Fumadoras Vol.18

35 opiniones 

Great stuff

Hace 4 años, por Trevor Spiro
"Without wishing to appear blasé, as the owner and producer of Smokinstyle videos I have made many highly regarded videos and worked with some beautiful models. Since he started in this business I have always admired Fran's work and regard him as a genuinely friendly competitor. He uses great models, excellent lighting, and really knows his stuff. In short, he is pushing the boundaries and that is wonderful to see. But with Alexia, Fran's work is elevated to a new level. It is not that his style is any different from before, rather here is truly exceptional girl who exudes sex appeal with eyes to die for. In profile you would swear you were gazing at Angelina Jolie, but face on Alexia has even more smouldering looks. The beauty of this video is that her sensuality comes across completely naturally, and that is what makes her so appealing - there is no play acting as with most American smoking videos or rubbish dialogue and fake glamor with the English equivalents. SSW should be congratulated for finding and bringing Alexia to an international audience in a genuinely appealing and convincing movie."
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Lips to smoke and kiss

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Pedro
"What a rare beauty! Alexia's lips were made to smoke and kiss, her green eyes to stare endlessly... She's absolutely stunning and the way she smokes is tremendously exciting. This girl is unreal...
The lighting in the first scene is my favorite, not to bright, which favors a natural ambience and specially because we can see better the light of the cigarette burning. Great job SSW! I'd love to see more videos of Alexia, she has lots of potential.
Thank you Alexia, thank you SSW. You made my day! :-)"
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I think...

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Masterium
".. a new smokingsweeties superstar(!) is presented in this video!! Heavy smoking in combination with that pout... undescribeable!!! reds next time ;)"
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Hace 5 años, por Vault
"i judge videos on three criteria. attractiveness of model, smoking sensuality, and smoking prowess. alexia is a ten in all three categories. this video is absolutely perfect."
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star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Franki
"Dios ha creado a la mujer perfecta, Alexia. Su cara es la mas bonita que he visto en mi vida y además fuma estupendamente. Que lastima que no salga arreglada y en ropa interior o en bikini. El video tiene muy buena luz, como siempre, hace resaltar el humo y su forma de fumar. Gracias Alexia por existir. Y Muchas Gracias otra vez al SSW Navas, Gracias"


star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Juan Leon
"Alexia is a beautiful smoker, she is very sexy and his style is awesome, I'm not a big fan of blondies but in this case Alexia has one of the best faces of the site, I enjoyed too much this video, as always please do the second part with alexia showing more his body, legs etc. ok SSW great Job !!!"


Hace 5 años, por Steve
"Wow ! This girl is really a BOMB ! Huge breasts, lovely lips and sexy powersmoking ! We need to see more of her in the future for sure SSW !
Next time : strong reds & sexy lingerie ;)"
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Alexia loves the camera; the camera loves Alexia.

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Jim West
"For the vast majority of SSW's videos, I'll wait until at least a few reviews come in. There are exceptions: Rosie and Franchezca - I'll buy anything from these models sight-unseen. Now, add Alexia to that short list. This is a woman, and a video, to die-for. In profile, she looks like J-Lo; straight-on, she's got the eyes of Michelle Pfeiffer and the lips of Angelina Jolie. These similarities, however, aren't the real appeal of Alexia; she's her own woman, with her own style, beauty, and charm. There's much more than model beauty, however, that makes this video a winner. The smoking is first-rate, with absolutely fabulous nose exhales (my fave), double- and triple-drags; Alexia doesn't "dangle" so much as she repeatedly "holds in her lips and draws"; it's beautiful, and very sexy, especially with her thick lips and wide mouth. PLUS, she manages to put more than half the filter in her mouth, and makes a beautiful "pop" sound when finishing a drag. What really pushes this video over the top, however, is Alexia's comfort in front of the camera, and her comfort in smoking FOR the camera. You never get the sense that she's posing, putting on a show, being directed by SSW; it all feels very natural, personal, and at times voyeuristic. One suspects that SSW never had to direct Alexia by saying, "Try to look at little more sexy," or "Take a drag as if you're really enjoying it"; rather, one suspects that Alexia's already got it all figured out; she has absolutely mastered the art of the smoking fetish video."

Video of a Lifetime

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Michael
"This is the most incredible smoking video I have ever seen. I have spent my entire life searching for a model with Alexia's intense beauty and smoking style. She has an incredible sex appeal that draws you in and captivates you. Every aspect of her smoking is pure perfection. Her sensual looks are simply to die for."


Hace 5 años, por Deepinhale
"This video is already one of the five best that Smoking Sweeties has ever done and that is saying something. If you ever wanted to see Angelina Jolie in a smoking fetish video, this is as close as you are going to get. The entire video is outstanding but the scene in the middle of the video where Alexia is leaning against a wall, playing with her hair, moving smoking in and out on her lungs, and eye flirting with the camera, is exactly what a smoking fetish video is supposed to be. That segment should be used to train new smoking fetish producers. Unbelievably hot. I have a special folder where the all-time great clips live and this one earned a spot after the first viewing."


Hace 5 años, por Sfet76
"Alexia,an angel from the smoking sweeties heaven....
Those lips, those eyes, those breasts,this unbelieveble beautie..
She blows me away with her perfect dangling,nose exhales,double/triple drags, fantastic nose-mouth combo's,open snap inhales..
I can't get enough from her..i watched the video over and over again.
Good lightning,great side views, you are a true winner SSW!!
The best video in 2011!!! can you beat this one in 2012??


Please bring her back in another session, if you don't do that you will torture the whole smoking sweeties fanbase! :-)

"Alexia: pure smoking glamour" is a MUST HAVE!!!

Thnx alexia,thnx suprise me every time...unbelieveble!"

Just beautiful

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por CJ
"This clip is amazing. Alexia is simply beautiful!! Mysterious, sexy and also alluring personality.. Her smoking is on the same level, just stunning! Im usually not so big on dangles, but when this girl does it it's pure magic.. She often puts it really deep into her lips, and inhales huge amounts without difficulty, always with a sexy, pleased look..

I also very much appreciate the addition of subtitles, dialogue is important to me and subtitles are great if the girl doesn't speak english. Again and again you keep impressing SSW :)

This girl goes straight into my top-picks of the site, alongside Franchezca, Sonja, Elsa, Carole and Natia.

Alexia, you are just unbelivably beautiful and your smoking is among the sexiest i've ever seen. Please return in the future :)"

Best Clip Ever!!

Hace 5 años, por Clif
"I think SSW hit the jackpot with this beauty! She is soooo beautiful and looks like she has been making smoking fetish videos for a long time. Her performance is the most sexy glamorous I have seen.
Only wish she was smoking full flavor, Ill bet she can handle a full flavor judging by the way she smokes so powerfully.

Please bring her back and make another masterpiece with this perfect smoking model."


star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Paul Hampton
"just had to comment,she is so natural,more please from her!!!"


star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por John Goode
"Another great video i love those clear look at you close ups.This is a lovely lady and a great video"

Angelic Alexia

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Anonymous
"With long flowing hair, gorgeous blue eyes, succulent lips and breasts to die for, this woman is the hottie of the site."


star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Sam
"WOW! She is amazing. I dont know what else to say..perfect!"

Addendum to Review.

Hace 5 años, por Eleuthero
"For some reason, Alexia's exhales seem particularly weak at the START of the video and got stronger in the middle and end of the video. Perhaps, as with the recent Erika video, during editing the order of scenes might have been reversed. I believe Alexia was smoking ULTRA-lights but with Winstons it's hard to tell but they were certainly at least lights. In any case, one can usually tell who the "in real life" fiendish smokers are and Alexia isn't one of them. She puts on a decent show but compared to the site's IRL "fiends" (Jen, Alazne, Mireya, Jessi, Erika, Raquel, Vanessa, Bojana, or even Gwen ... ALL of whom smoke full-flavor in their videos) the thickness of inhales and especially residuals just isn't there. Gorgeous, delicious girl. Not an all-star smoker."

Very good

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Ben
"Very good clip with power smoking and a very beautiful lady. Thanks again SSW and Alexia. Hope she an come back soon..."

second look

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Vault
"watched this video now numerous times and it gets better each time. alexia has a unique smoking style kind of reminds me of kylie. she appears to have special and intimate relationship with cigerette. great thing about fetish is there is no one way to smoke. hundreds of different girls on site and hundreds of styles. not only is alexia a all-star she is a hall of famer."

pure awesome

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Anonamoose
"Words can't really describe this video but I'll give it a shot. Alexia looks great in every scene and her smoking is sexy throughout. It is true that she inhales more deeply in some segments but her smoking is superb overall. Also would have liked to seen her smoking something a little stronger but the lights didn't really detract from the allure.

We have another smoking star for sure and I would love to see Alexia come back again for another video.

Also want to send a thanks to SSW and the editor, lighting was excellent and the editing was done well also. My only complaint is that I'm not a big fan of the perspective changing mid drag. Even so the editing is done tastefully and professionally.

Thank you all for another great video."

sexy girl

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Chevyman
"She's a very beautiful girl and it is fantastic to watch her smoke. I appreciate especially the scene in which she wears the blue satin top. The decollete is very pretty and you can see the breasts rising and lowering when she inhales and exhales the cigarette smoke."

On my personal podium

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Muppezz
"Wow, this girl is fantastic! She has a spectacular body and a stunning face. And her lips... OMG, her lips are to die for!! When she sucks from her cigarette my breath stops until she blows out the smoke. How I'd like to kiss her!!!
I also find very sexy her smoking style, with deep inhales and neverending exhales.
Alexia stands on my personal podium of thi site: behind only Ewa (a real goddess) and Sonja (the sexiest smoking style I've ever seen).
I love you Alexia!!!"

alexia pure smk glam

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Hello Back
"thanks for invite superstar???? maybe "in the making" wasn't happy with make up in pink GRANDMOTHER dress don't know about 1920 actress but to me she looks like LEAD actress in JAMES BOND movie "the spy who loved me", since where not naming names, second shoot should include sitting with legs crossed in short skirt & how about a smile , sheer top would be nice if she is comfortable I have a myriad of comments/suggestions you might find interesting/amusing when I have a chance I will compile & submit"


star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Coolboy
"Beautiful, she reminds me of Angelina Jolie. She is classy, sexy, such great eyes and such a power smoker! Deep and long inhales waow, amazing. I wish I could see her a little bit naked as she seems to have a stunning body and breasts but for sure you dont want to kill us yet ;) Hopefully she ll be back"

just sexy!!!!

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Marcel Miskin
"stay in your great shape ond present us more clips like that!!! then i will go to heaven for sure!!! :-) do it with other smoking girls or in sexy high heels at the office...then you are the perfect smoking model!!! thanks a lot for your clips!! huge kisses for you alexia!!"

Very Very Good

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Darth76
"A close match for Franchezca,Alexia is great.

Personally I prefer the side on/profile to looking at the camera and I am not a fan of the cutting to an from camera angles.

Would definitely buy clips from Alexia again"


star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Unwichtig
"Look at Alexia's lipps: There one can see how evolution has developed perfect smoking devices on an incredibly sexy woman. Thank you evolution for the woman, thank you SSW for the production."

very pretty

star star star star star
Hace 4 años, por Chevyman
"This woman's beauty is overwhelming and her smoking is hot. I really would like to kiss her every time she inhales and and shows her pink smokey tasting tongue between her wonderful lips while keeping the smoke in her sexy chest, and inhale the smoke she is going to release."


star star star star star
Hace 3 años, por Anonymous
"Very pretty lady with the right look and nose exhales, slow and nice."


star star star star star
Hace 2 años, por Anonymous
"She is the smoking dream girl. Please multiple cig smoking video soon."

Best smoking videos ever... You understand and I appreciate you...

Hace 2 años, por Knickname
"Best smoking video site ever... You capture lighting... Age, everything.... On my budget, i cannot give you a my appreciation monitarilly... Just.have to tell you from a man with a huge smoking fetish... You 're appreciated ... Your work inspires me... It's. what l"d want In a date... Yer awesome SmokingSweeties... Never stop doing what you do..."

Alexia: pure smoking glamour

star star star star star
Hace 3 años, por Michael Stroud
"SSW.......please keep up the good work, you are the Queen of smoking fetish videos."
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She's a Mediocre Smoker.

star star star star star
Hace 5 años, por Eleuthero
I think most of the reviewers above were so taken with her physical beauty that they forgot that this is a smoking fetish video. On many occasions, this model's exhales were SO weak and with virtually no residuals that it revealed that, despite the practiced-in-front-of-the-mirror open-mouth inhales, the volume inhaled was very ordinary. On other occasions when she TRIED to multi-pump she never really inhaled the smoke. She kept it in her lungs and just released it as a "fireball" with no follow-through residuals.

Therefore, despite her lovely eyes, hair, and lips, this video did NOT turn me on or even come remotely close to doing so. If this were strictly a "beauty pageant", this might be a 5-star video. As a smoking fetish video, it most assuredly isn't."
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