This girl loves to smoke two and once, she is used to do it (is not her first time).

Olga double smoking on the mirror
Olga double smoking on the mirror
Olga double smoking on the mirror
Olga double smoking on the mirror


Model: Olga

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Duration: 5 min.

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Olga double smoking on the mirror

Olga started to smoke some years ago. Nowadays she starts craving cigarettes more and more. She loves being in front of the mirror watching her smoke streams. She feels sexy with a cigarette on her fingers, and loves having double and triple drags. She doesn't have enough with only one cigarette, so she has to light another one to smoke two at once.

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This Video is also included in: Smoking Girls Vol. 2

1 Review 

Young Lady Having Fun Smoking in Mirror

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4 years ago, by Wendy
"I think this video is a great value if you would like to see a young lady who is having fun smoking in the mirror in a short 5 minute video. I had though it would be kind of silly, especially the part where she is smoking two cigarettes at once, but for the reduced price and her cute look with the short haircut couldn't resist. I am glad I got the video.

She smiles a lot and seems to be having a lot of fun - acting just like a young lady smoker who is enjoying her smoking would act. Even the part where she has two lit cigarettes are done in a fun way and logically just as if someone who is playing around with her smoking in front of a mirror would be doing.

One last word - the video does only come in the Low Resolution Format (768x576) as is mentioned at in tiny grat text just under the green "Download The Video" button."
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