Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking
Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking


Models: Ajda, Iveta

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Duration: 17 min.

HD: 529 MB / Low: 142 MB

Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking

Iveta and Ajda talk about their strong addiction in this video as they chain smoke. Fortunately they don’t have a lighter so they smoothly light their next cigarettes with the previous ones in an endless smoking cycle… 

Nothing can break Ajda’s enthusiasm talking about her addiction: “How can I get sick with smoking?” “My best pleasure is to smoke in a bath, along with a glass of wine. I like this feeling, when the smoke dances in my lungs.” Regarding Iveta, she is totally committed to smoking: “Cigarette is a part of my hand. I like to watch other women smokers, it’s so sexy, women smokers are powerful”.

Both girls show perfect combined nose mouth exhales; Iveta displays amazing naturally done danglings followed by incredibly thick French inhales, Ajda does wonderful open mouth inhales and snaps. Be aware about the wonderful close ups.

Video included in: Smoking Girls Vol.15
Video Size: HD: 529 MB / Low: 142 MB.
Video Clip Code: ssw15-ajda-iveta
This video can be downloaded in both HD-720p and 480p. Video codec: WMV.

6 Reviews 

2 candidates for the smoking hall of fame.

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6 years ago, by Ldydx
"These two need awards in the smoking hall of fame. Adja gets the award for the happiest smoker. Iveta gets the award for the best inhales. Iveta can exhale from her nose while still dragging it in. Plus a french inhale to boot. Adja loves her smoke. I wish Adja could take as much nicotine as Iveta, but she prefers the lighter cigarettes. Iveta needs it more, though Adja is younger and will increase her amazing satisfied smoking power as she grows older, I'm sure. But she is still a major contender for best smoker ever. I love the way Adja's cigarettes stand at attention as she drags. But I love how Iveta's smoke dwells in her lungs those extra few seconds as she prepares her lungs for that full drag that follows the initial coating of nicotine that proceeds most every full drag."
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5 years ago, by Eddy Ok
"This is definitely one of the best videos here, no question! These two girls are like fire and ice, or yin and yang--they just complement each other brilliantly. Both women are intense smokers, and, especially with their first cigarette in the clip, you can see that they're in heaven, and if you like beautiful women who smoke with a unique depth of passion, you'll be in heaven, too. A must-buy, IMHO two of the top 10 women on this site. Thanks for being awesome, SSW, and bring them back if you can!"
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Ajda and Iveta: Chain Smoking

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6 years ago, by Oilibhear333
"SSW, thanks once more for a fantastic video. I still kinda prefer Iveta to Ajda. I do LOVE Iveta's deep inhales and her holding the smoke in her lungs.

Well done, once again!"
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can't wait

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6 years ago, by Vault
"haven't downloaded yet but will looks better than there last video. looks like another homerun from stills"
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Oh Dear

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6 years ago, by Malc
"I downloaded this vid after watching the sample from the SFK forum.

I'm into closed mouth inhales, so when I saw Iveta do this on the sample i thought id buy it.

Frankly i wish i hadn't bothered.

The editing is dreadful, full of pretentious dissolve cuts that are really irritating & screw up the flow of the action.

Some of the directing is terrible too - especially at the beginning when Iveta is practically hidden in a doorway of a toilet, so you can't see her smoke.

Adja - though a doll & clearly the "normal" one of the two, is a pretty average smoker despite her claimed 3ppd habit. Though her drags are good, her inhales are very shallow - hence the reason her exhales look relatively thick.

Despite the fact that Iveta a far better smoker, the camera lingers on Adja way too much, in sort of a pretentious 60's Euro art house way. Great for 60's art house - unfortunatly this is a fetish video!

I could forgive all of these faults though except for one thing - the "dialog"!

Niether girls speak English very well, but Iveta's English is so poor she actually sounds deranged!

At one point I started laughing at her, then quickly wanted to gag her.

She sure is one weird Female.

Its a shame cos she can smoke brilliantly.

Her drags are great cheek-hollowing jobs, she inhales loudly to her toes (mostly not closed mouth but you cant have everything...), she often holds the smoke down & her primary & residue exhales are phenominal - though i still don't know how many she gets through a day - did you simple forget to ask SSW or is she actually only a 10 a day girl IRL?

Getting back to the bad bits, niether Girl can think of anything interesting to say, so both look awkard & preduce many unconfortable silences between obvious "revelations" that are practially unintelligable under the sea of scramballed Englsh Iveta utters.

Adja does her best to understand her, but Iveta just rambles on & on & on ......

SSW, if you ever use Iveta again for Gods sake either get a translator or keep her mouth tight shout - i beg you please!

All in all definately NOT one of SSW's best. There are MUCH better video here (checkout Elsa) - buy one of those - pass on this one!"
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Dissolve Shots.

5 years ago, by Eleuthero
I did not buy this vid but found Malc's review to be erudite and honest.
We need more of this on SS because if EVERYONE was like this, then
the abundance of 5-star ratings would be much more believable.

I love SSW's work but if the audience gives a "standing ovation"
for great, good, average, and poor videos, how is a potential buyer
supposed to make an informed decision?

Malc, however, focuses on a couple of issues that pervade many SS
videos. Those "dissolve cuts" ARE an irritant because they often cut
off the end of a beautiful exhale or eliminate a view of an exhale
altogether. Surely the extra few seconds to complete a scene costs
nothing to the SS crew.

Malc's other main issue is that sometimes there's too little fetish video
and too much "art house" video. Indeed, these are videos for people
who are turned on by women who smoke well and often. BTW: I
don't think Ajda is any better looking than Iveta at all and she DEFINITELY
is not a powersmoker as Malc astutely points out. That's why Ajda's
exhales are thick but VERY SHORT.

Good critique, Malc! I can only hope that such stern critiques will be
heeded since few critiques on SS are so erudite and detailed. Most are
reflex 5-star ratings which are of zero benefit to the buyer and zero
benefit to SSW as well."
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